Government Training College, Hooghly
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  • To provide quality teacher education to our trainees. Through creative & skilled professional activities and programmes. So that our institution will be establishes as centre of excellence in teacher education in our state as well as in the country.
  • To stimulate our interns by creating constructive teaching-learning environment and democratic ambience in the campus.
  • To develop professional attitude and aptitude and required proficiency among the in-service and pre-service interns of our institution.
  • To create new ways and means along with techniques so as to provide space to our trainee interns to participate and enjoy this professional education with pleasure of contributory learning.
  • To encourage our interns to become more empathetic and cooperative towards their students in their respective schools through playing model role by our teacher educators as ‘friend, philosopher & guide’.
  • To undertake various activities to reach our immediate society and community to create social cohesion and national integration, through ‘outreach programmers’.
  • To make the trainees understand & acquainted with school system & pattern as a social system, structural development & pattern of school education, school organization & organizational behaviors.
  • To inculcate the value-education & ethical implication in relation to teacher and school and their role & development, leadership, professional activities, co-curricular activities, instructional management & administration related activities.
  •  To make significant contributory achievements in purposes approaches to evaluation in relation to instructional objectives of learning & methodologies.
  • To promote the following core values among the interns of our institution.
  • Contribute to teaching learning process with great zeal and enthusiastic attitude to ensure all round development of our future generations in our class rooms.
  • Make contribution towards inclusive school and class room and all inclusive society
  • Inculcate positive values among their students in their respective schools by actively displaying these values in their own believes and behaviors role playing.
  • Prepare the original man behind the machine and thus they became able to use machines and technology in fabour of positive human development.
  • Education is a service, so serve our pupil with kind heart and sympathetic attitude.
  • Serve people pupil with utmost integrity, honesty and quality as per your sense of responsibility and ability.


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