Government  of  West Bengal
Government Training College, Hooghly.

Dr. Sibaprasad De (W.B.S.E.S.)

Government Training College, Hooghly.
Mobile:  +91 9434972474 
Phone: (03222) 294120
Present Address/Residential Address:

C/o Smt Sushama De
Balichak Bhogpur
P.O – Balichak – 721124
Dist – West Midnapore
PIN – 721467

Permanent Address:

C/o Sri G.P De
P.O & Vill: Dasagram
Dist – West Midnapore
Pin – 721467


Son of Sri Gobinda Prasad De & Smt Tarini De

Date of Birth: 18.03.1957
Date of Joining: 19.11.1985
Whether S.C/S.T: No
Sex: Male
Religion: Hindu

Educational Qualification: B.Sc (Hons) & B.Ed.,M.Sc, Ph.D(Sc).

a) B.Sc 1st Class 1st (Rank)
    B.Ed 1st Class (With Distinction)
    M.Sc (Botany) 1st Class 1st (Rank)
    Ph.D (Sc) Botany.

b) Additional Qualification

(i) Vocational Training in Agriculture including Horticulture, Live Stock and Farm Mechanics (1974-76) and Nutrition (1977-78)
(ii) Training on Palynology – aspect, technology and application(1979)
(iii) Certificate Course in Hindi (1981)
(iv) Training on Computer Organisation, Basic Programming & Interactive Graphic (1988) from B.I.T.M, Calcutta
(V) Training On
a)Orientation Course(s) in Psycholinguistics (1991), on Teaching Models and Class Room Tr-Pupil Interaction (1993), at N.C.E.R.T., Calcutta, NSS Programme Coordinator Training (1993) at Narendrapur, Calcutta
b) Dev of Instructional Material in Enivronment Biology (1991) at RCE, BBSR.
c) Refresher Course(s) in Education (1992 & 1997-98) at Calcutta University.
d) Refresher Course(s) in Botany (1992 & 1996) at Calcutta University
e) Retaining Course on presenting Research Paper & Theis (2005) at Jadavpur University.


(i) Plant Physiological Study, Ethnobotany and Pharmacognosy of Medicinal Plants curde drugs.
(ii) Investigator-in-charge of many Research Project(s) dissertation etc
(iii) Carried out school research programme under ISCA (1983-84)
(iv) Achievements in Research Activities (Publications) I relation to :
a) Ethno botany
b) Pharmacognosy & Histochemistry
c) Phytochemical Study
d) Biotechnological aspects in plant tissue culture (with special reference to : Induction & Proliferation o callus tissues, Maintenance & Preservation of Cell line, Instability of chromosome in culture, Xylogenesis (cyto-differentiation), Lalation-differentiation, Nuucleic acid (DNA & RNA) and protein biogenesis (cardenolides) in Cell and tissue culture.
(v) Published more than 40 Research papers in reputed education & science journals of National & International importance in India & Abroad.
(vi) Published also a number of articles on literature and education in popular magazines/journals.

d) Teaching Experience/Administrative Experience:-
(i) Asstt. Teacher in Susunia Ranibala Vidyamandir (H.S) in 1981.
(ii) JFR in Visva-Bharati University (1981-83)
(iii) Asstt. Teacher in Panchsowa Rabindra Vidyapith, Panchsowa, Bolpur (1983-85)
(iv) Lecture in Botany (WBES) in Govt. P.G.B.T College, banipur(1985-90)
(v) Asstt prof in Botany in Govt College of Education, Banipur (1990-98)
(vi) Reader in Botany in Govt College of Edu, Banipur (1998-2006)
vii) Associate Professor in Botany at Govt institute of Education (P.G) for women, Chandernagore(2006-2009)
Viii) Officer-in-Charge in G.C.E (Govt College of Education), Banipur from 28.01.2003 to 07.09.2006
Ix) Jt D.P.L (Joint Director of Public Instruction), West Bengal at Bikash Bhavan, Salt lake, Kolkata – 91 from 25-11-2009 to 29-11-2010.
x) Principal (W.B.S.E.S) at Govt institute of Education (P.G.) for Women, Chandernagore since 30-11-2010

e) Honours/Distinctions/Awards(obtained/Secured):
i) 1st class 1st Rank in B.Sc.(Hons in Botany) 1977
ii) 1st Class with distinction in B.Ed 1978
iii) 1st Class 1st rank in M.Sc (Botany) in 1980
iv) N.C.E.R.T Merit Schlarship (1974-78)
v) National merit Scholarship (1978-80)
vi) C.S.I.R Fellowship (JRF) in (1981-83)
vii) Awarded a research scheme by ISCA (DOE, Govt of India) in 1983-85
viii) Inclusion of Biographical note and photograph in WHO’s WHO of
a) Reference India (vol 5, PP41, 1989)
b) Learned Asia (Vol –I, PP 123-124, 1992)
c) Biography International (Vol – 1, PP.0635,1993)
ix) Selected for “RASHTRIYA VIDYA SARASWATI PURASKAR and a certificate of Excellence from IIEM, New delhi (letter No SL/IJEM/12-APR/RVSP; dated 03-03-2011), 2011 & many others awards.

F) Academic/Administrative Activities/Assignments performed:
a) Performed various academic activities of different Exam(s) of W.B.B.S.E, W.B.C.H.S.E School Education & Higher Education Directorate, Govt of West Bengal (JBT & SBT/PGBT) and different Universities.
b) Paper setter of Life Science/Biology/Botany, Education psychology, Principles of Education of B.Ed Exam(s)
c) External & internal Examiner of
i) Theory papers
ii) Laboratoty Pratical(s) in Life Scinece/Biology and work Education
iii) Teaching pratical of B.Ed Exam
iv) Exam paper Moderator in NBU, Kalyani University, Calcutta University, Burdwan university, Vidyasagar University etc from time to time.
d) Acted as Govt Nominee in relation to CAS (Career Advancement Scheme) of teachers in different institutions/colleges/educational organizations.
e) Secretary/Chairman/Convernor of different academic / administrative bodies / committees /sub-committees of Educational /complex /organization / society / Colleges / University etc.
f) Acted as one of the members of advisory committee for formulation of education policies / Recruitment Rules of the Govt / Curriculum of syllabus construction (Board/Council/University) / for fulation of policiers of organization / institutional magazines / Research Journals in India and aboard.
g) Acting as member of different academic and administrative bodies of govt. and university including the member of executive council of burdwan university, burdwan, west Bengal.
h) Extended my Co-operation as one of the executive members in School Science programme, Social Service Actives Mass awareness & literacy programme(s),m Cultural Exchange programme(s), Educational implications, preparation of instructional materials, Activies-based teaching learning programme(s) of Govt agencies, NGO(s), DIET(s), CTE(s), IASE etc in Sectors/Social Sectors/Clubs. Organizations/institutions/schools & Colleges etc.
i) Participated and acted as Resource person in many seminars/ Symposia / Workshops etc. in Education / Research programmes of national and international importance.