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The use of surface V Belt Company automotivedrivingbelt

Posted by BerniceSparks 
The use of surface V Belt Company automotivedrivingbelt
March 01, 2017 10:16AM
Belt and belt card 1, V Belt Global Supply should be straight, not less than 1/1000 deviation of the incision. 2, the edge of the belt joint damage should not exceed the length of the belt 5/1000, the middle shall not be broken, the belt wear should not reveal glue line. 4, the unit belt its longitudinal breaking force P = 600-800 kg / cm. Transverse breaking force P = 350 kg / cm. 5, the belt card should be intact, evenly arranged, the connection is firm, the joints without rupture, the card hole without stretch as long as the hole. (5) cleaning device and a variety of protective devices 1, rubber scraper cleaner height of not less than 20-30 mm, and have enough pressure. Contact with the belt should be flat, the contact length of not less than 90%. 2, the nose cleaning brush adjustment device should be intact, bristle height of not less than 30 mm. 3, belt anti-skid detector, funnel obstruction detectors, broken belt protection, etc. should be intact, action sensitive and reliable.

Anti-adhesive Belt - Third, the advantages of anti-adhesive Belt

To the coating machine, for example, coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive coating machine contact plastic roller is generally used in the following two methods:

1, the metal surface of the burr contact point is small and prevent the glue stick;

2, the use of surface coated silicone rubber to solve the anti-sticking problem.

Metal surface pull the burr to reduce the contact surface of the V Belt Company practice, due to poor results gradually eliminated. And now the vast majority of equipment used to cover the silicon rubber to solve. Coated with silicone rubber. The use of silicone rubber coating First, the production cycle is long, need to go to the ready-made rubber factory to go through the surface and then grinding. Second, the cost is high In addition the life of silicone rubber roller roughly two to three years, the surface cracks or scratches or metal core after the release, but also to re-processing outside the package, seriously affecting the production. Continuous production of the manufacturers would have to prepare two the same roller.
Re: The use of surface V Belt Company automotivedrivingbelt
September 15, 2017 04:55PM
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